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We didn't get to be the #1 motorcycle gear and accessories store in Texas for no reason. We're not a mail order house and truly want you to get gear that fits. We are proud to say we don't sell every item from every company out there. We choose the best values in gear. Our knowledgeable sales staff would be happy to help you, so if you have any questions, let us help you get it right the first time. No restocking fees.

Next Event:  Saturday April 4th.
Annual Easter Egg Hunt / bargain day!
You will save big bucks on every item in the store, Saturday only.   NO EXCLUSIONS!   If you weren't a big kid, you wouldn't have a bike, so read on.  We will have candy for the kids, but this event is for shopper that want to save money!

We hide hundreds of eggs all over the store.  You decide on your purchase, and bring your items to The Bunny, along with two eggs.   The Bunny must open the eggs.  Inside are discounts of 10%, 15%, 20% or more.  Other eggs you'll get to "play the dice discount game" for up to 18% off.  They'll be cold hard cash in other eggs or even a $150.00 gift certificate to Moto Liberty.   You can't loose, and it is tons of fun for all shoppers.   We promise you'll walk away with a smile on your face.  Saturday, April 4th!    This event has been called "marketing genius" by someone in the field.  We just think it's plain good old fashioned FUN!  

We match all advertised Internet pricing on current model gear and accessories.
(All U.S based websites)  Must be apples to apples.  If someone has a purple XS rainsuit on sale, you may not get the high viz size large at the same price.  Got it!?)

Don't be afraid to ask us to match our competitors prices... we love our customers and can almost always make you happy with your purchase price.

"Cheap gear is not good.
Good gear is not cheap.
If you buy waterproof touring boots for $99.99
you will have wet feet."
Audrey.  8/22/14

Let us help your find the perfect gear for your needs.  Best if you can come check out our huge selection in person.  If not, call us at 1-800-214-RACE (7223)

Upcoming things to do:
April 24th  -

Visit the store at:
2821 LBJ Freeway, #110, Farmers Branch, TX 75234
NORTH side of LBJ (I-635) just West of Josey Lane.
Best to pull into Cavender's parking lot!
GPS may put you on the wrong side of LBJ... We are on the North side!

click on this link for pics of the GRAND OPENING!

Check Out Pics of Moto Liberty Dallas!!!
Full Face More Your Style? Come Get Fitted By One Of Our Helmet Professionals -ML Dallas
Moto Liberty’s re-designed authorized Arai Sales and Service department
 Click here to Check out Moto Liberty's sponsored troop.  Note the Moto Liberty Afghanistan T-shirts!

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